A Festival of Lights

A screen from the “Festival of Lights” which Shawn and his friends visit

“Phaladar” the name of a very important city in the upcoming second chapter of Numina. The city acts as a base of operations for Shawn and his friends for much of the second chapter.

It was important during development to make it feel like a home. With a bunch of interesting places to visit and see. For example, there is a famous baker in town who sells special baked goods that one gifts to the person they love ❤️ And of course you can buy that and give it to a party member. I can’t wait for you to try it out and see what ensues.

There is also an upcoming festival called the “Festival of Lights” in which the whole town participates. Fun little games and challenges as well as special goods that are only available on the day can be discovered!

I hope you are looking forward to visiting Phaladar and spending some quality time there with Shawn and his friends!

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