Welcome to the starlit studio. We’re a bunch of friends with a bunch of ideas, dreams and a deep passion for creating video games.

Programming, Game Design, 2D Art

3D + 2D Art

3D + 2D Art

Our first project was Louie Cooks, initially an university project to test out the newly released Oculus Rift (first generation!!). It was a very experimental but cute and silly game about a gourmet-chef cat, that needed help protecting his ingredients by VR- and Audio-input-driven gameplay.

2015 We won 3rd place in the “Best Newcomer Concept” category of the German Computergame Awards (Deutscher Computerspielepreis) and soon released the game to Steam.

In parallel, Manuel worked on his passion project Numina. A 2D RPG with some 4th-wall breaking elements that allow the player to interact with the game’s characters. 2017 saw the release of a first demo version on itch.io and getting greenlit on Steam!

The full version of Numina is currently in the works. Check out the blog for the latest updates!