Fundamental Elemental

I’ve talked in the release-announcement of Numina’s 2nd chapter about incorporating more strategy into the battle system. This post will be all about one aspect of this: Elemental weaknesses and how to use them to your advantage!

Attacks that deal damage of a certain element type (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light & Dark) are a well-known staple in RPGs. Numina also featured these mechanics since the very first demo but with the next release I focused on giving them more weight and importance.

If you hit an enemy with an elemental attack that he’s weak against, you stagger him and get another bonus turn! You can do this once per enemy during your round. So if you know your enemy’s weakness you can quickly decimate them (and they take double damage on top of that!)

Shawn triggers a critical hit by using the fire-weakness of the enemy (WiP)

But this also goes the other way around: Each of the characters have an elemental weakness that the enemies can tap into and stagger you in return. Similar to the latest entry in the Persona-series, a great showcase of how to spice up the turnbased formula. But don’t despair! There’s plenty of new equipment available in the game that alters a character’s elemental alignment.

Most of these items come with pros and contras: The “Aquamarine” for example heightens your magical attack, but makes you weak against fire-damage:

The equip-menu showing (German version) previewing the effects of equipping the aquamarine. (WiP)

There are also rare jewellery like the “Crimson Ring” that enhances your fire-damage but makes you weak against water-damage. You’ll be able to mix and match these components to suit the current situation.

There are also many other details in which I improved upon the battle-system, including the action-commands known from the last demo and spirit-attacks that incorporate your relationship towards the characters. Stick around for more details on those in the future!

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