The Next Chapter of Numina

It has been a very busy but also productive year for me! I’m thrilled to announce that Numina’s next chapter will release in 2019 with:

  • 4-5 hours of brand-new content
  • HD resolution & updated graphics thanks to RPG Maker MV
  • Character-portraits drawn by the amazing clivenzu!
  • Refined battle-system with more focus on strategy & interactivity
  • German & English language

As you already know it’s titled “Hoffnung“, the german word for “hope”. We tend to think of hope as something positive but I wanted to explore the ambiguity of unconditional and false hope. If you played Numina’s first chapter you might have a feeling what this could entail for the game’s story.

A heavy focus of this chapter is the interaction between the party members. The stakes get higher as your decisions influence if the characters stay with the group or diverge. This requires a lot of testing to assure the next release will meet your expectations. So please understand that I can’t announce an exact release date as of yet.

Numina’s first chapter was also updated and will be re-released as a free demo, while the second chapter will be available as an early-access purchase. By buying the early-access version you’ll also get the third and final chapter of Numina, once it releases.

Thanks to Numina, I’ve come to meet many amazing people over the course of the last years, who inspired, motivated or helped me to get to this point. I am grateful for your comments, messages & videos and I hope you’ll be with me on this next step because I can’t imagine doing anything more fulfilling 🙂

I’ll share more details as we near the release. Thanks again, here’s to an amazing new year!


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