A Festival of Lights

A screen from the “Festival of Lights” which Shawn and his friends visit

“Phaladar” the name of a very important city in the upcoming second chapter of Numina. The city acts as a base of operations for Shawn and his friends for much of the second chapter.

It was important during development to make it feel like a home. With a bunch of interesting places to visit and see. For example, there is a famous baker in town who sells special baked goods that one gifts to the person they love ❤️ And of course you can buy that and give it to a party member. I can’t wait for you to try it out and see what ensues.

There is also an upcoming festival called the “Festival of Lights” in which the whole town participates. Fun little games and challenges as well as special goods that are only available on the day can be discovered!

I hope you are looking forward to visiting Phaladar and spending some quality time there with Shawn and his friends!

The Bonds That Tie Us Together

Today’s post will go more into detail of how Shawn’s relationship to other characters influence the game.

The new menu displays your current relationship level. The more hearts a character has, the closer you are!

Numina’s story revolves around the relationship of its main cast. This involves you and your special connection to Shawn through the 4th wall. But also how Shawn gets along with the other party members.

This is influenced by the decisions you face in the game. Shawn often gets into situations where he needs to decide on what to do. And you’re right there to sway in!

The player can tell Shawn to let Cassandra accompany the party. If Shawn refuses Cassandra’s first impression of him will suffer a bit.

Good relationships to other party members unlocks new story routes. For example: If Shawn often sides with Cassandra, you’ll get to play a special character arc in the 2nd chapter. Similar to loyalty missions from games like Mass Effect 2.

Some skills get stronger, the stronger your relationship with the character is!

But your relationship also influences battle! You can unlock skills for each character that get stronger, the better relationship with Shawn is.

I hope you’re looking forward interacting with the cast and discovering your favorite character to deepen your connection with! 🙂 Hearing about people’s favorite character was always a huge joy for me. So I can’t wait to read your reactions for the next release! So please stay tuned for future updates!

Small Update on the next Release!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some progress on the game. But be assured: I’m still working on it and I’m actually doing a lot of progress! I’m testing through the whole first and second chapter, fixing the most jarring bugs and polishing up things. Afterwards there will be still some last things to finish on the 2nd chapter and then betatesting of the German version can begin.

In the meantime I’ll have to start translating all the texts from the 2nd chapter. I’ll also release some more promotional material along the way c: I’ve had a wonderful call with Numina’s composer Thomas J Peters with lots of behind the scene talk and insights!

Again thank you so much for your patience! I’m working hard to make it worth the wait!

Fundamental Elemental

I’ve talked in the release-announcement of Numina’s 2nd chapter about incorporating more strategy into the battle system. This post will be all about one aspect of this: Elemental weaknesses and how to use them to your advantage!

Attacks that deal damage of a certain element type (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light & Dark) are a well-known staple in RPGs. Numina also featured these mechanics since the very first demo but with the next release I focused on giving them more weight and importance.

If you hit an enemy with an elemental attack that he’s weak against, you stagger him and get another bonus turn! You can do this once per enemy during your round. So if you know your enemy’s weakness you can quickly decimate them (and they take double damage on top of that!)

Shawn triggers a critical hit by using the fire-weakness of the enemy (WiP)

But this also goes the other way around: Each of the characters have an elemental weakness that the enemies can tap into and stagger you in return. Similar to the latest entry in the Persona-series, a great showcase of how to spice up the turnbased formula. But don’t despair! There’s plenty of new equipment available in the game that alters a character’s elemental alignment.

Most of these items come with pros and contras: The “Aquamarine” for example heightens your magical attack, but makes you weak against fire-damage:

The equip-menu showing (German version) previewing the effects of equipping the aquamarine. (WiP)

There are also rare jewellery like the “Crimson Ring” that enhances your fire-damage but makes you weak against water-damage. You’ll be able to mix and match these components to suit the current situation.

There are also many other details in which I improved upon the battle-system, including the action-commands known from the last demo and spirit-attacks that incorporate your relationship towards the characters. Stick around for more details on those in the future!

MadPanda Games Let’s Play of Numina

MadPanda Games’ just finished her 9-part Let’s Play series of Numina! You can watch the finale below:

The rest of the series is also on her channel. Be sure to leave a like & subscribe if you enjoyed her content 🙂

I always really enjoy watching Let’s Plays of Numina. It’s such a great resource for real feedback & insight. And on top of that it’s just such a thrill to see how others react to the key-moments of the game, the feelings they express and which dialogue choices they pick to react to these situations.

So, if you’re also currently running the game, let me know! I’m always very happy to watch & share 🙂

The Next Chapter of Numina

Numina the 2nd Chapter

It has been a very busy but also productive year for me! I’m thrilled to announce that Numina’s next chapter will release in 2019 with:

  • 4-5 hours of brand-new content
  • HD resolution & updated graphics thanks to RPG Maker MV
  • Character-portraits drawn by the amazing clivenzu!
  • Refined battle-system with more focus on strategy & interactivity
  • German & English language

As you already know it’s titled “Hoffnung“, the german word for “hope”. We tend to think of hope as something positive but I wanted to explore the ambiguity of unconditional and false hope. If you played Numina’s first chapter you might have a feeling what this could entail for the game’s story.

A heavy focus of this chapter is the interaction between the party members. The stakes get higher as your decisions influence if the characters stay with the group or diverge. This requires a lot of testing to assure the next release will meet your expectations. So please understand that I can’t announce an exact release date as of yet.

Numina’s first chapter was also updated and will be re-released as a free demo, while the second chapter will be available as an early-access purchase. By buying the early-access version you’ll also get the third and final chapter of Numina, once it releases.

Thanks to Numina, I’ve come to meet many amazing people over the course of the last years, who inspired, motivated or helped me to get to this point. I am grateful for your comments, messages & videos and I hope you’ll be with me on this next step because I can’t imagine doing anything more fulfilling 🙂

I’ll share more details as we near the release. Thanks again, here’s to an amazing new year!